CEFoRD responds to prevention of malnutrition among pregnant And lactating Mothers in Yei.

Early this year, there have been series of conflicts in the nearby villages of Yei Town
forcing many people to flee their homes, leaving behind food. This is coupled up with periodic
return of refugees from refugee camps neighboring Uganda and DRC. This results in to increase
in humanitarian need with women and children being more vulnerable.

However, CEFoRD has been responding to the IDPs most especially the pregnant women and
lactating mothers being the most vulnerable of all by giving fortified blended soya and rice flour
for porridge with the aim of preventing malnutrition among pregnant women and lactating

Specifically, in the month of August 2018, Community Empowerment for Rehabilitation and
Development (CEFoRD) organized, together with ACROSS, UMCOR and UNFPA a
massive registration of pregnant and lactating Mothers in the nine IDP centers in Yei to
conduct a massive MUAC screening to determine malnutrition cases among the pregnant and
lactating IDP mothers.

The organization reached 1240 pregnant women and 1403 lactating mothers. This was followed by the distribution of the fortified blended soya and rice flour as a supplementary food to prevent further cases of malnutrition as well as referral of malnourished beneficiaries for treatment at the stabilization centres. This distribution will continue in the coming months where we shall also target children as another vulnerable group.

With the support of our funding partners, we look forward to engaging more to prevent malnutrition among, children, pregnant women and lactating mothers in the communities.

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